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How to remove front bumper

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Does anyone have a link on how to remove the front bumper? After inspecting and taking off the headlights, it looks like I need to take off the wheel liner. Even still the middle part of the bumper, I could not get off. Any tips?

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Step 1 remove headlights
Step 2 Remove the 5 clips underneath that rubber piece that is on the very top of the bumper

step 3 remove the 6 clips on the bottom side of the top air dam. (if you look at the front air dam, stick your fingers were the top of the air dam is and you should feel the six clips)

step 4 there are 2 nuts on each side of the bumper, you have to either take off the front part of the wheel liner or get a hand in there to remove 1 bolt. the second bolt is accessable when you get your headlights out (the nuts are in the same location for both sides). they mgiht be tricky to find for the first time.

thats it should take 25 minutes
oh and if you havnt done it, remove the under trays etc
my headlights were kind of a pita to pull out, just a tip.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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