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How to remove rear emblems?

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I want to replace my rear emblems with new ones.

This would be the left TOYOTA emblem and right Supra Turbo emblem on the rear hatch.

How can I remove the old ones without ruining the paint?
If you heat them up will they peel off?

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I am not sure, but I heard you can use a piece of dental floss and saw the emblem off cleanly.
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The best way to take off is using a hair dryer or heat gun.Heat up the emblem then use the dental floss or a plastic thin putty knife.Gently pry up and slowly peal off.Any tape left behind can be cleaned up with adhesive remover.Buff the area with a cleaner wax to blend any shading of the paint.Then reinstall new emblems.
yeah, it's not hard, i worked at a body shop - and have taken a ton off (other cars & mine) all you need - like they said, is a puddy knife, just be very carefull to not scratch the clear coat. once they are off, the "tape" stuff will still be there - and just get some solvent to take it off (an air powered eraser is what we used to get it off, but you prolly don't have one)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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