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I am trying to figure out exactly what hardware I will need to hook up the oil feed to 100% stock USDM twin turbos but through using an IS300 Union Bolt 1/8" BSPT fitting from a 2JZ-GE bottom end (with a 2JZGTE head of course).

I know the oil feed passage that exists on all GTE blocks has not been machined from the factory on GE blocks so I want to do it the same way NA-T folks do by feeding from the driver's side of the engine (LHD/USDM cars).

I've searched quote a bit for this answer but understandably it is the very opposite of what most people do and I don't imagine it's a very popular route to go unless someone already has an original or swapped 2JZGTE engine in their car and needed to replace their block with a readily available GE block.... and also wanted to KEEP their stock twins rather than go single turbo.

In my case I am building a completely stock USDM 2JZGTE from scratch. I'm just not picky about using a 2JZ-GE block to do it. I have all the crucial parts for this already and a lot of gathering and research has been done to address the overall build.

What I am not sure of is the thread size and type the USDM twin oil feed connection is from the turbos themselves. From there I am sure an adaptor wouldn't be hard to find to go to a standard oil feed line to the Union Bolt.

Hope this is a simple solution I've just missed.

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