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HP Increase & Questions on Apexi S-AFC

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I have a BPU Supra and am considering getting an Apexi S-AFC. I'd really like to hear from anyone that has installed this unit--specifically what kind of horsepower gains you saw, where you mounted it, etc.

The unit seems so large that the only feasible place to install it is inside the glovebox?? I was told I could expect 50+ horsepower with dyno tuning from this unit...

Can anybody please share their experiences.
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50+hp gain i dont think so !
if your running vpc then thi sunit will help alot ..but i dont think you will see a 50+hp gain !
You WILL see a 50+ hp gain in SOME PARTS OF THE CURVE, more towards 6000-7000rpm or so. Peak hp will only be about 15-20. AFC really livens up the end of the curve...that is what it did on my car anyway and I have talked with other people that have seen the same results but they netted a little higher than what I did.

Hope this helps
Depends on the tune of the car. I have witnessed more than a 15-25 rwhp gain. I tune other Supras on the island. There is a Doctor here with a beautiful 98 quicksilver 6 spd with about 8500 miles on it. I installed hit Downpipe, HKS TI, BCC, O2 simulator, and intake along with a Profec-B. He went to the dyno and put down 360 rwhp. He was running really rich. He got an S-AFC that I installed. I took the car to the dyno and by tuning the AFC I managed to squeeze out and extra 40rwhp. He is now at 400rwhp and like 406 tq. Makes a big difference. I have the dyno sheets to prove it.
Super AFC on NA Hey Oliver

Anyone with real-worl experience iwth SAFC on NA. Was a guy on gere named Oliver who claimed 19rwhp? Any one have experience & dyno numbers? Thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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