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HP/Power Observation?

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Howdy Folks -

(Note: this is also posted over on ModernMuscle)

After my local guys got my car really dialed in a running solid (thank you Speedcraft!) I figured I'd run it a few months before exploring the current output - or my lack of.

I think i have the answer, but here's what I've observed - first off, a number of T04R owners seeing a good 30+ more HP than my setup with things nearly being equal. Now granted there are a number of envornmental variables, and as Rob from RPS told me, with just a wheel change he can "create" 20 more ponies on a dyno, but talking rough averages here.

It looks like I may be peaking out on my boost controller - I'm running a Greddy Profec-b which I understand is known to limit the upper boost capacity of single turbos. I've seen pretty much a 1.7 1 kg/cm^2 upper hold reading on my boost gauge, meaning my ~590whp probably equates to about ~24.1psi of boost. Certainly there's plenty left in the fuel/turbo setup - so I'm having an HKS EZ installed and see what the car will pull with ~26psi - I'm assuming much closer to the other T04R dynos I see (in the 620-640 range).

Then while it's under the knife, going to add some 264 cams which should be good (from what I've read online) for another 40-50 ponies, though it may push the power curve up 100-200 rpms (though Steve H. recently added cams and it *improved* his peak hp curve!)

Thanks for any input/comments/taunting, etc!! :cool:
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DT... that sounds about right. Did you guys dyno with a wideband?

I have yet to dyno with a wideband, so I got 671rwhp @ 1.9bar with "blind tuning". I belive that my car has way more in it and Dave Mashour is getting a MoTec WIdeband so we'll know soon. I definitly think I can break 700 to the wheels but we'll see. Noel Samuel has the highest dyno# yet and I have similar upgrades to him (Noel was using 720cc injectors on his 730rwhp run) and I use JUN bumpsticks (they are a little more aggressive).... cross your fingers ;)

Why the HKS EVC EZ?

FYI - I never really look at dyno's too much, I use it on my website as a benchmark to filter in the more "pimped out" Supra's =)
I see most of the Dyno runs out there as "trophies" and not actual street level power. You wont really know how good that power is untill you are on the streets or on a track.

How does the car feel? You know.... can you feel it when it is running good?

take care,
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Nils -

Yeah, I'm probably obsessing with something that has no bearing on my enjoyment of the car (and on the street) - the car feels good, pulls strong. I just want to make sure I'm optimizing my setup though - I figure with the EZ to assure I'm getting the max boost the turbo/fuel can accomodate, and the cams to give me a little more, I'll at least see what the car is capable of.

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