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I-Forged Flux Wheels, Roll Cage & More

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Everything Sold
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Can you get some more pics of the cage??? very interested...
Where did you get the cage from???-- custom, S&W,ect..
Hey guys for all those who were interested in the cage i have replied to your pm... or pm'ed you if you posted in this thread... the cage is bolt in and it surely doesnt look custom as its really supra specific and like i said i dont even know how to describe it and its just better to come look in person... maybe the few supra owners who did see it can chime in... anyways i wont be getting on the forum much as my sister is having a baby and family is over... however you can reach me at my cell or email me directly 7132561578....
[email protected]
what is a 6pt bolt in cage "certified" for?? 10.0-10.99??
No idea... Bought it off someone in this forum as well... Everything must go so its on ebay now !!!!
Look up for link
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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