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I got a few quetions for everyone.

1) Intercooler, what does it do/how does it work?
2) Can you have functional blow off valves w/o a turbo?
3) Does anyone know a site that I can learn the basics about car engines.
4) When people say bpu+ what does that mean?
5) Psi?? Can anyone explain?
6) Engine type, what is the difference (Ive heard like Jz or 2Jz or something)
7) Turbo Timers, how/what do they do?

Thanks guys!!

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1) Please search on google.
2) No.
5) pounds per square inch -- a measure of pressure.
6) Different engines have different designations (names).
7) They run the engine for a prescribed time after the car is shut off in order to provide cooling to the turbo via oil/coolant circulation. The reason that they are used is in order to avoid coking of oil in the hot turbo after boosting and shutting the car off. Coking decreases turbo life.

In the future please search.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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