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Hey Guys

I use to keep up to date with supra info. However, I've been out of loop for a while and I need to do some upgrading. Please help with advice on who to trust, where to buy, and who stay away from.

I'm wanting to do a simple upgrade to my auto Transmission to make it shift better. Level ten has there Valve Body Recalibrations, who else offers something like this without a rebuild. Who to trust?

Also I'm wanting to go with a bigger stall converter. I may also want to force the stall to lock up in 3rd. I have heard this shortens the life of the converter, does anyone know by how much. Are we talking years or two or three times and it breaks? Where to buy?

Last but not least, I want a transcooler. Levelten has a heatsink type, someone else recommended a standard type with a fan. I want one that I can use with the stock IC or FMIC. That comes with all mounting brackets, etc. Where to buy? Size?

Thanks in advance :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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