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Sorry, I know this is a MKIV forum but I have a 300ZX TT and when ever I am in 3rd gear or above and have the pedal floored and the boost is to its max. The car surges and boost drops off and I have to hit the pedal again for it to accelerate again. Any ideas? It probably would happen in 1st and 2nd too but you are never in those gears long enough to get full boost I guess.

Thanks guys and gals. :)

P.S. my upgrades are only;
HKS boost controller
boost jets
JWT Pop charger
HKS turbo timer

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I used to have a Stage IV Z. I am going to make a few recommendations of things you can check first. Don't ever say a supra guy never helped you. :)

Check your spark plugs. You may need to replace or regap them.
Check the coil pack connectors. They are known to currode, crack and break appart on the Z. This could cause a bad connection.
Check your injector connectors. They can currode or crack like the coil pack connctors.

Verify your car is not detonating. You can put a couple of gallons of race gas in and see if the problem goes away. If so your boost jets may be slightly too big and you are creating too much boost for your current combo. If you are borderline detonating you can usually solve this problem by running the next heat range colder plug. I had this problem on my Z on hot days.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks man, even though I don't know how to check any of that I can tell my mechanic this. Thanks again Supra guy. :) hehe
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