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for the most part, a 14psi spring is going to hit 14psi quicker than a smaller spring w/ a boost controller.
the reason being is how a boost controller works. it will bleed off the vac signal to the gate/actuator to increase boost past the preset amount. when using an electronic controller you can set the "gain" on the speed it does this. if you have the gain set really high, there will be little difference b/w a 14psi spring and a 7psi spring and ebc. however having the gain up high will tend to overshoot the boost and cause issues like boost creep or spiking. this can also be caused if you have a too big of a spring in the gate as well. in my 38mm gate i wouldnt want to run a spring any stiffer than 14psi, while in my friends 60mm gate he is running a 26psi spring.
so in the end, all things being equal, the larger spring will hit the boost sooner than a small spring w/ a boost controller. how much the difference is will depend on the gain/response tuning on it.

hope this makes some sense
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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