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Hey fellas,

Ok, I'm looking for a cheap CD player for my Toyota Camry...I need some decent music in there! Well anyways I was thinking about only spending like around $100-200 for the CD Player...I just wanted to know what I can get for around that price range...
And also I don't want that AudioVox crap or Jensen...Something thats pretty decent, looks good and won't break on me...I know I'm asking for a lot :p but hey I just wanted to see my options...thanx

CD Player

I just joined the list and happen to have a Kenwood Excelon Cassette/CD Changer Combo for sale. The Model # KRC-PS655 Cassette player and #KDC-C662 6-disc CD Changer. I would like $275.00 obo and we can work out the shipping. Give me an email if interested. Joel
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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