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How can I get my Clifford AVG4 alarm to work with my HKS turbo timer when I take the key out? When I take my key out and close the door, I can't arm the car at all. The turbo timer is working, but I want to be able to arm the car and leave. I don't have a problem with the door unlocking after the engine shuts off, since I was able to disable that particular feature with my laptop, but there is no way for me to arm while the engine is still running.

I can however, lock the doors manually and then enable the autoarm feature from my laptop, but I would feel much better if I could hear the two chirps, that way I know the car is armed. Plus, the car won't autoarm, until 30 seconds after the engine shuts off. So, that would leave 2 min. & 30 seconds for someone to steal my car or take something out of the car, so that won't work.

I was told one time to cut the ACC wire that comes out of the turbo timer harness, which would be the blue wire, but that only turns off the accesories once I take the key out.

I see this type of question posted once in awhile and no one seems to know the answer or I just haven't been finding anyone who knows how to get around this problem. Maybe someone might know the answer now.

Please help me out and I'm sure there are others who would like this question answered too for their alarms.

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