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WallysWorld118 said:
What im looking for. I am learnin as fast as possible so bare with me.

Sub: I want one 12" Max 500$

Component's : 6.5 and 6x9's if available 150 for 6.5 225 for 6x9

1 to power sub
1 to power speakers

You might want to re-allocate the money spent on the rear speakers for a really good 6.5 Componet set. It will sound better in the end beacuse your sound stage will be infront you not behind you. Notice when you go to a concert how music is infront you not behind you? Theres a reason for that. With that in mind I'd look to myself some Diamond Audio Hex 6.5's. For the woofer I'd get a HSU audio. Some info here... Dr. HSU makes a 12" sub which produced 121db inside a convertable. The subs are almost identical in design to the Image Dynamic ID's and sell for aprox 100 dollars. This system will sound much better than trying to produce your midrange from behind your head. This is why a lot of people run no rear speakers in IASCA SQ class.

- Randy
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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