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hye guys....i need all the help i can get for this one....

i am going to rebuild my head using the Ferrea valvetrain. It has dual titanium valve springs ans all the other nice stuff. I am geting it off of anyway they have two kits made up for me. One kit is the stock size valves and the other is +1mm oversize. Both are the same price. I would like to get the oversized valves since they are the same cost. But i don't really know what I have to do to prepare the head for them. There is a shop that can do a 3 angle valve job to the head. I am going to have the head ported and polished. That's $400. The valve job I believe is $300. $50 per cylinder. This all seems like a good price.

$400 - port and polish
$100 - clean and shave
$300 - 3 angle valve job
$1,500 - Ferrea valvetrain

total = $2,300

I also need help on what kind of head gasket I should get. Since the head is shaved and the block might be, do I have to worry about the cylinder hitting the valves? HKS head gaskets go up to 2.0 mm. So total I am going to spend about $3,000 on everything. Maybe more, I would like to get new stuff like alternator and starter and sensors and stuff like that.

Any more information that you guys think I need please let me know....I would really like to do this right the first time.
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