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I need help with an Electrical Problem

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Hey fellas, I hope that you could all welcome a new member to the supra family. I bought my car (1994 Supra TT) from someone in West Virginia with a little more than BPU. I need some help however, hopefully from one of you guru's out there that could tell me what's wrong off the top of your head. A received a wonderful chritmas gift of the indiglo face gauges. Upon completing installation my car will not start anymore. I followed all the steps on the mkiv web site for the installation and can't find out what's wrong. I know that it's not the starter because my car does crank when the key is turned, it sounds like a start when there is no gas in the car but I know that's not the problem because there is plenty of gas in there. Someone said that it might be the spark plugs or a fried fuse in th ECU or maybe the ECU all togeher. Someone please help me, I'm missing driving probably m most favorite car I have ever owned. I purchased this car with 39K original miles and am loving very second of the intense speed that could be achieved. Any information would help fellas. Thanks.
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Check ALLyour fuses. The Supra needs power on the Accessory wire to start. I know this because I have this problem with my remote start, it will crank but won't start. Since this wire was probably also used when installing the gauges you might have a blown fuse.

i had a problem like that...check out the fuel pump connection where you change to constant 12volts... if you dont know where it is check in anyway mine melted at one point....

Electrical problems are money makers. Try checking those fuses again. Also, go to the fuelpump and put a voltmeter to it and try cranking the engine. Check to see if you have power on the pump. if you do then your pump might be dead or your injectors are not opening which will then point you th the computer. If you dnt have a meter then its best not to mess with wiring. Could get ugly fast.
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