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So my '89 N/A MK3 is in excellent condition, interior good as new and exterior just regular wear but nothin that would make you wonder what the hell, but frickin BHG..... I just rebuilt the engine so almost everything under the hood is new or refurbished...

$1500 machinework
$150 ps pump
$100 distributor
$150 plugs / wires
$500 bearings, pistons
$500 misc

Maxxis exhaust (sounds great)
K&N intake

.... But BHG....

I had to buy a reliable car and can't afford to keep workin on her now....

I had an offer for $2000, but that does not seem like I could live with myself.

What would be a seriously reasonable price, owner or buyer?

Please save the 'Idiot' comments, I already feel like one, I don't need you all adding to it....

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How many miles?
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