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Alright, so i've removed my busted front windshield and have grinded all the rust away. The entire area around the windshield is a little rough and is all bare metal now. So right now there's no Urethane on the windshield's mating surface at all, just bare metal.

1) Is there a special primer I should be using on this bare metal before I apply any paint/urethane onto it? I was thinking of some rust product like POR 15. or is that just plain stupid thing for me to put on that area?
2) Will I need some special primer to be placed on the area such that the urethane can be bonded onto the glass and painted body?
3) I have a used OEM windshield with some urethane still stuck on it. After removing it with a blade, is there some special Product I can use too clean it further?

Here is a manual I found on windshield replacement, but it didn't go into depth on how to treat bare metal situations:

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