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So we pulled the motor on our car. Got it all situated on the engine stand... blah blah... Anyway, long story short. I found a "seal" under the intake manifold attached to the head. It reads "guarantee void if removed".. pretty sure that wouldn't be factory. I have a spare head and it didn't have it.

What do you think?

There is also some yellow writing on the block, did anyone elses have writing on the block from the factory?

It's in yellow and reads 577A or 4, and it has 7MT on the back of the block where the tranny went. I know junkyards write in the same way, but they usually have their name written also, like "bob's salvage" or something.

I'm pretty sure the head is remanned, but now I'm thinking the whole engine might have been remanned...


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yes the head was re-done, that is typical warranty seal applied...

if the block was re-done, it would have the same metal stamp on it from the same company

my bet is that the engine was at a junkyard, someone got it and rebuilt the head only, then installed it.. that is typical with used imported engines, etc..
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