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I Wrecked!!!

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Listen to this...

Im driving in my friend's hood im going like 40-50 just chillen.. then there's a hard turn.. i hit a water puddle.. and start slidding.... i have 2 people in my car 1 in the back drinking..
Then i hit a curb still slidding.. my tire's had no grip.. i was Fucked... i missed a pole by inche's still sliding my car does a 180 into grass.. i broke my axle fucked up my front and my rim's are messed up... the moral of the story is i love my supra.. and its outside of my house fucked up.. but i love it!!! and im sooo sad =(

R.I.P Factory rim's
R.I.P Factory axle
94 supra n/a
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I dont think having two people drinking in the back of your supra is such a good idea....especially when you wreck. There have been 4 wrecks every day for the past 4 days in my neighborhood...including 7 cars. Wrecks can happen - and for that reason i am very cautious driving my car because it is possible for anyone to get in a wreck.
Good luck with your car
40- 50 mph through a neighborhood? hmmm.....looks like you bought and paid for that shit. lucky the cops aint show, they would've nailed your ass for open containers.. ow well..

I got an idea u fucking ******'s go fuck urself!
1. you posted you were going 10-20mph over speed limit

2. you posted you had people drinking in the car

why did you bother posting this, were you looking for sympathy?

Did you slow down when you saw the turn, what about the water?

but the real question I want to know is...

Do you blame yourself for the accident?

Or was it the tires fault, or better yet the water, damn H20.
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LOL....we're not the ones with Fucked up Rims and a busted axle...hahaha.. I would tell you to go fuck yourself but it sounds like you already did..
guess what?

supras and water dont mix.

oh wait im sorry you knew that already, my fault.
Hey count your blessings, you missed the pole, the cops didn't show, no one was hurt. See what T.A.P. recycling has for you & accept your lesson. There's no time zone to change fate, just move on. I know because I wrecked my 82 mkii on Christmas Day in 82.
on a more serious note...

just a few questions for you... do you love your car or do you just sit in it?
when i drive i feel everything going on. i see the bumps in the road, i know what the should feel like, and what they should sound like. when im driving im trying to make my supra and the road pretty much one. the supra usually makes that pretty easy. but i dont usually test the limits of it. by driving this way i can tell just how different the car is in the rain. when wet, it feels like a [email protected] normal car((not actually bad but normal, which means [email protected] to me)) in the dry jolt on the steering wheel((after you fix your mess)) feel how tight and quick the reaction is. try this on wet roads..theres almost a slushy feeling, at the speed limit. now just for fun at a stop light i gave about half gas on a morning after a rain. the rear simply went straight back and forth, just up and spin. you should no better to drive a supra that way in the rain, its asking to wreck it. by the way, dont get a TT, you wont live to enjoy it.
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I was at a party i didnt drink i dont drink and drive.. my friend in the back had a cup i didnt know it was beer.. i was racing aroud with my friend in his maxima going like around 30-40 not really racing just driving its dark street light's are not on im going straight and a 90 degree turn just jumps on me i hit this water puddle on lose it..
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