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Titan Motorsports Race Waterneck, ID1000, Siemens 2200s, VirtualWorks Race Waterneck

-What is your First & Last name?: H a r 0 1 D
-What is your email?: p m
-What is your phone number? : p m
-What is your City? : H b u r g
-What is your State? : M S
-What is your Zipcode? : 3 9 foe O I

All items are BRAND NEW. Will accept Paypal/Cash plus shipping. All sales are final. Very motivated.

Only serious snowflakes please.

Titan Motorsports Race Waterneck: Coated Black with -16AN male end. Ample clearance for larger turbos. Has provisions for both dash and ecu temp sensors $230

View attachment 239039 titanwaterneck1.jpg

(6) Injector Dynamics ID1000cc injectors for 2JZ-GTE $799


(6) Siemens 2200cc Injectors $899


Virtual Works Racing Race Waterneck: Allows for clearance of your monster turbo, Coated black with -16AN male end with taps for both stock sensors $250

View attachment 239033 thumbnail_image2.jpg

2JZ ProMod Intake Manifold SOLD

Ross Machine 90mm TB SOLD
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