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I have just installed my SBC-id and I'm wondering what the ideal settings are? In other words, what setting and what gain for a straight BPU Supra? I guess I should be running around 18psi or so, for now.

Also, is the boost limitter function actually supposed to cut the boost at the level you set it at? For example, if I set it at:

Warning: ON
Buzzer: ON
Boost: 11.0 (I set it low just to see it how it would cut off the boost)
Limitter: 10

at what PSI will it cut off the boost for me? I tried doing this and the limiter started buzzing but it didn't cut off the boost. Is it because I set the boost so low?

Any feedback would be appreciated !


yes, at that pressure the screen will turn red and it will beep as it lowers your boost to the "Limitter" setting.

you should use the manual setting then start at 0 with a gain of around 15 and raise the boost setting until you get what you want.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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