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idel question

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idle question

I just reset my ECU and installed a new set of NGK 3330's and my car idle has went to hell. It will idle smooth for about 20secs and then it will flutter and idel smooth again. Is this something associated with the NGKs or is it something else???
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sound like something else try taking the car out for a drive for 10 to 20 mins !
Ok I took the car out and warmed it up and then I drove it pretty hard. I noticed once the second turbo kicked in I had a white grayish smoke coming out of the exhaust. Could one of the plugs be fouled??? I had used the set once before I put them in today.
If you changed out plugs gapped at the stock setting of .044, to NGKs gapped at their nominal .036, you will idle more choppy and may even stall out on rare occasion. Your dawg should idle gradually better within a day or two.

The white smoke you see is probably from carbon/dirt that fell into the holes from which you pulled the plugs. That crap will potentially burn for a while, even cause billowing smoke from the exhaust. Again nothing to get too worried about unless it doesnt cease after a week or so.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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