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I changed out my motor a few months ago and my idle still causes me grief occasionally - the freaky thing is that it doesn't happen all the time. Here is a breakdown

- go down the freeway for 15-20 minutes at 70-80 mph and catch traffic which results in stop and go traffice MY idle goes to 1600 rpm and won't go any lower (try quickly punching the gas thinking maybe a linkage issue, no luck)

- I'm having a heart attack but finally the traffic clears and I take off - it seems that the car is even more responsive now than when the idle is working correctly

- traffic slows down again and the idle now goes down to 1200 rpm or so

- I then pick up speed for about 5 minutes and then take the offramp - at the light the idle slowly goes from 1100 to 700 rpm over about 5 seconds

I get no codes or anything - could I still have a idle control valve problem (could it be sensors)? Also, since the car seemed to run better at high speed immediately after the idle was so high, is this a timing issue or vacuum advance problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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