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I have 40k miles, been bpu for most of that part.

When I start my car sometimes, it oscillates between 600-800rpm but after I drive off its fine. I just changed my stock plugs to Denso Iridium IK22, and fuel filter...

Could my EGR be leaking? Is it a vacuum problem (or the black canister looking thing on the passenger side of the engine next to the 2nd turbo)? Or an electrical problem?

Thanks guys,

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i doubt its a vacume leak or anything if it goes away. i think if its a leak somewhere on the intake manifold then it will always be present. did u have the problem before you installed the denso's? are you sure they are the correct plugs for the car? i used to have the same plugs and i didnt like them much and ended up swapping them out for some ngk 3330's.

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Yeah, the problem was there before I changed the plugs. I was hoping swapping the plugs will fix it...

I'm pretty sure the IK22 is the correct one. It's one heat range colder with stock gap.

You think it's the EGR? I already have the 2 plate for the mod. I hope this will fix it. My only concern is that its not always.

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