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Supra forum's Guide For Noobs.

*The majority of the below information was taken directly from Corner-Carvers...another outstanding automotive forum.

-Use the search function BEFORE you post a question. We don't like rehashing a subject that was discussed just last week, last month, or a even last year if nothing new is brought to the table. We like to be thorough in technical discussions, so chances are good that your question was answered if your topic has been brought up before. In addition, use wildcards in your searches. A search for "tire" will find both tires and tire.

MUST WATCH before posting CLick here to watch vid

*This is particularly important when the question has to do with Clutch brand (A)vs Clutch brand (B). For more information on that subject, go here: Shops & Part Reviews info

-When you do decide to ask a question, try to be as specific as you can. Rather than ask a general, sweeping question ("what suspension parts are good?"), try to narrow it down to a specific subject ("Which is better and why...HKS or Greddy ?"). Again, try doing a search for the specific question before creating a new thread. It's more than likely been discussed before.

-Absolute Statements are Critical Lightning Rods; use them with care, or risk grounding.

-Posting in all caps is just plain annoying.

-Silly usernames (Barry Mccockiner), usernames that imply useless superiority (Supastreetcarkillah), or usernames with alternating caps
(tYpERfORdezZcOrt) bring little to no credibility to your posts. Something to keep in mind.

-In addition to being an excellent source of MKIV technical information, Supra forum is often a source of lively political and philosophical debate (in our Off-Topic section). But like the technical discussions, before entering such a debate, there are a few things you should know: Be prepared to back up your opinion with some reasonable sources. So before you post, be prepared to have your opinions questioned, ripped on, torn up, or worse.

-This board is not your soap box, we don't hold hands, and we only sing Irish drinking songs (although certain poetry is also acceptable). Saying, "you guys are a bunch of big meanie heads" will be of no help as we don't care. Saying, "I'm going to take my ball and go home" will be of no help, as we are well stocked in balls and don't need your wussy pink ball cluttering up the place anyway.

-Don't post a question in multiple forums in hopes of "getting more responses." Most members go through every forum when they visit, and they will come across your post regardless of where you put it. Having the same topic occurring in multiple forums makes it difficult to keep track of what's going on and increases the chances of duplicated effort.

-Use a meaningful thread title. You want readers to know what the thread is about before they enter the thread. The forum software allows thread titles to be quite long; use this to give your thread a meaningful yet succinct title. A thread title like "brake question" is not nearly as effective as one like "Need help with APEXI installation." In addition to drawing the appropriate expertise to your thread, a good title helps when searching the forums at a later date.

-Anyone schooled in economics is familiar with Gresham's Law: bad money drives out good. Well, indifferent moderating invites a Gresham's Law of Online Interaction: idiotic postings drive away contributors who have something interesting to say.

-Checking sources is an important aspect of posting with credibilty. If something you are posting sounds too good to be true and you are relying upon someone else's words to make a point, take your butt to and make sure you're not spreading misinformation, which is a capital crime here on SUPRA FORUMS.

Thank you, and welcome to

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