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If you came to the 09/08 Baker Cruise-

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Calling all amateur, professional, or hobbyist photographers who attended the 2nd Annual Multi-Forum Mt. Baker Meet & Cruise on September 8th: If you are interested in having your pictures featured in an article covering this meet & drive that will be published in one of the leading spo-com magazines in North America (both in quality and readership circulation #'s), then read on.

I am looking for pictures that highlight a few things in particular (Not every photo needs to incorporate every element, just one):

●The wide variety of cars of all makes, models, and price ranges.
●The amount of cars at the meet. (Basically, group shots of both similar cars or group shots of a diverse crowd of cars are highly preferred over shots featuring only one car. Filling the frame with cars is key here, not looking for shots of a long line of cars thats 7/8ths background/sky.)
●The scenery while heading up Highways 9 and 542, especially the roads and greenery past Glacier, WA; at Heather Meadows, and the road to Artist's Point. I'm not looking, however, for any "just scenery" pictures.

A few guidelines about the photos themselves:

●Anyone with a good camera and basic skills are welcome to submit pictures, however,
●Each person is allowed to submit a maximum of 5 photos so that the spread will have several 'featured' photographers, so choose your submissions carefully. Any emails received with more than 5 attachments will be immediately deleted.
●Lastly, the five photos that you submit may not be published in any manner whether in print or online on forums, blogs, websites, or in online photo albums such as Photobucket, Myspace, Facebook, etc. If none of your photos are chosen for print, you may distribute them however you like once you are notified by me. If any photos are chosen for print, you'll receive further instructions via e-mail. (Rest assured that you'll retain ownership of the pictures, and can do as you'd like with them after the mag hits newsstands). And of course, you're free to do anything with the pictures you don't submit.

Before you ask, sorry, but I can't afford to pay for any submitted photos.

Pictures may be submitted to my email at [email protected] and should be of high quality, in color, with no editing, added borders, or names - basically anything besides basic post-processing. Please include the word "Baker" in the subject, and include your full name, forum visited, and screenname.

Thanks for your time and sorry about the lengthy legal mumbo-jumbo.

Sam High
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+1 would love some pics
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