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Im A Loser!!!

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I was at he illegals yesterday and i was humiliated by almost all the cars there. I just got a HKS boost controller and i dont know how to work it. For some reason i was underboosting. I have a boost guage and it said i was booting at 2psi. Then when i was heading home it said 10 again. WTF? Im goin to list the mods i have below. If someone lives in the bayarea that can help me set and install my boost controllr that would be of great help.

94 Toyota Supra TT
Stock twin turbos
HKS EVC IV boost controller (does not work yet POS!!)
Blitz's biggest air/air intercooler
HKS SS blow off valve
Hard piping kit
Gracier Air filter
Blitz full body kit
Blitz rims
Autometer oil and boost pro comp guages
GReddy power extreme exhaust
Pierelli P7000 tires
Full sound system

How much boost can the stock turbos boost? Oh yeah i got the boost controller installed at a shop and is the round vacumn solenoid by the turbos suppose to have a nipple exposed? I have a vacummn tube goin to the boost controller and the bottom of the round vacumn solenoid is exposed to air. Please if you live in the bay area HELP ME!!! thanks
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im not sure, but ide take it back to the shop and make them call hks and find out, then fix it
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