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LST-SOL said:
I have a 1jz w/ r154 and i cant get the trans. out Ive unbolted the drive shaft and taken it off, undone the clutch slave cyld. and removed all the bell housing bolts. everything i can think of. but when i go to pull it out it hit the fire wall, so i thought if i unbolt the motor and lifted it a bit i thought i could pull it out. no such luck. Its so tight under there that i beleive the motor was dropped in w/ the motor or that the tran has never been removed. If anyone has any ideas about how to get it out, that would be great. I really dont want to pull the motor.
You need to take off the inspection plates on the bell housing and un bolt the presure plate from the flywheel (6 bolts) then it will pull right off. :bigthumb:

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