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I'm here in Canada MKIV Parts Wanted

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Looking for a lot of parts to put my 94 MKIV together.
Stock N/A Auto changing to US Spec TT Auto.
Any good places in Canada for parts?Other than Adrenaline.
Need These US Spec parts:
Auto TT ecu
Also looking for:
Drivers side rear lower control arm
both rear trailing arms
glove box
Rear view mirror and mount
Round air vent in cluster
TT auto rearend
Small metal drivers side headlight bracket
Drivers side headlight wiring and sockets and bulbs
Battery tray and holddown
Engine compartment fuse panel
Hood washer squirters
Hood Proprod
Just to name a few parts.
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Other parts needed

TT ignitor
Clear corner marker lights
A/C compressor and lines
power steering lines
Mint set of front black leather seats
Good set of floor mats
TRD 2 Exhaust system
Good set of coilovers
I got you Kevin - just getting all these boxes unpacked and sorted out. :eek:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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