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Hi Guys,

I am moving to San Deigo in August and I was thinking of bringing my Supra with me. I am new to US and I am totally unaware of the import laws of cars and customs. So what kind of charges do I have to pay for importing a right hand drive car to California, and what are the registration and insurance costs like. Basically how much will it cost to drive it on the road after I get it out of the harbor?

I will way the costs and if things look to expensive I can buy a left hand drive Supra from US. But I have a long history with my car and put quite a bit of time and money in to it. So at the end of the day I would like to have it with me in US. :D

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not only would it be a lot of hassle and expense to bring it, you really don't want to drive a RHD here.
I have driven LHD in England and that was the pits. I had no trouble with the RHD over there - it was natural.
If you are on the wrong side of the car, it is very difficult.
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