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Hi! I don't know if i came right, but i tried.

I will be moving from Sweden to Canada some time after the summer. And i have a toyota supra mk4.
I've tried to contact people but didn't get any respons back, so i try it here. :)

I have some questions, is there somebody that has imported a supra into Canada? Or somebody knows how it works? Or knows a Company that can help me?

I read that cars younger than 15 are not allowed into Canada? So that means i can import my supra? It's from 1994.

And i also have a question about the car inspection, i have a stock supra, so thats no problem, but do i need to Think about something? I'm thinking about changing my (stock) exhaust to one that's a bit louder, is that legal or do you need to have the stock exhaust on the car?

Like to hear from you all :)

Greetings from Sweden :)
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