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Well I need some parts, I have pictures to aid in the advice part.

First of all I need an oil pan for a 2JZ-GTE I beleive it is a three peice ordeal oil pan upper w/ turbo, oil pan lower, and a baffel plate? Below is a picture of my current oil pan, from an aristo I believe are there any other parts that I am going to need to work with the new oil pan?

Second is parts for the transmission, this comes in two steps.

I need all the parts for the shifter assembly, where is what I have . . .

Then i need the parts for engagin and disengaging the clutch, I suppose this will include the slave cylinder along with a release fork maybe the release bearing, what is the difference between the RELEASE BEARING, Supra, w/Turbo, Bearing and the RELEASE BEARING, Supra, w/Turbo, Hub? and any other parts that you could think of that would help me get this engine into my car.

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