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  • I would help make the site

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In response to these two threads which were pretty surprising to me this morning

I never really thought of SupraForums as like a "Business Owned" sort of thing. I always thought it was just a free and open community that was moderated by its users. Now it seems different all the sudden...

Im pretty happy overall, I always get the answers I need, and I never get in trouble. But then again, I dont "advertize" for other businesses or forums.

I wonder if youd get in trouble for just posting a link to a specific post or a specific part on a different forum or parts store...

If there is intrest, I have been interested in starting up a supra community website for a long time.

I have the knowhow, the ability, and the means to do this. If anyone was interested in helping me set up a site that would combine the best of SOGI, 7MPower, and SupraForums, it could be done fairly quickly and painlessly. It could have tips, tricks, mods, top 10 cars, classifieds section, forum section, links to ALL SORTS of other supra sites,...etc.

Ill probably get flamed or even banned for making such a proposal, but if anyone wanted to help, or anyone had intrest, email me or PM me.

I havent dont it yet because I figured A) I didnt want to steal traffic from this site, and B) I wouldnt be able to steal the traffic even if I wanted to.

A start-up website, that would be FREE and OPEN for anyone to do anything they wanted to do, sounds like a good idea, but it isnt worth crap without the community to back it up.

DISCLAIMER: Im not trying to step on anyones (namely MVP's) with this post, just trying to get an idea of if anyone would have intrest and/or the ability to help me set something like this up.

I have webhosting already, all we would need is a domain name.

I emailed Trent about this idea a while ago, trying to get his blessing on my starting this site, but he never replied, so I assumed it was a bad idea.

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They took out the 1st one man.,

It costs A LOT of money to keep on the air, and

advertisements should be paid for ( in cases only when something is mass produced)
advertising other companies makes MVP feel threatened I suppose, yet I feel that since there are very little places around that can compete for our business for the MK3 crowd.... I find it almost necessary to help out by offering a variety sources.

MVP has a right to make any rule it wants to. We only have a right to argue when we're paying for a service.... and since is free to us.

We must obey it.

JUST MY $0.02

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You talk about making your own... and I think at one point everyone does, but the fact is that BANDWIDTH and server use payments are extremely expensive.

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Im not going to do the new site without help and support. This thread is getting a lot of views, but few response, I think its a touchy subject.

In response to the cost of running a message forum...

I pay $10 a month for webhosting, and I get over 20gb of monthly bandwidth...$1 per extra gb...It doesnt cost that much. MVP does good business, they shouldnt be struggling with the money...


I do agree that YES it does cost SOME money to run a site like this. But since it is basically their one and only advertizing avenue that I know of, the business they get, little or a lot, should easily offset the cost of running this forum.

I dont know the specifics of how much bandwidth this site uses, or how much they pay for hosting, etc...but im sure its not thousands of dollars per month.

I can see them not wanting people running around posting about this other parts store or that, but it shouldnt turn this community into a monopoly. If someone saw something really interesting on another supra site, or at another supra store, and wants to share it with the biggest online supra community that exists, where else can they do that, where else can they get that response. Nowhere.

That is what makes this forum so great.

When it starts becoming a monopoly or a business venture it really takes from all the fun.

I know that ever part I have ever purchased has, (and probably will be) from MVP.

SF in my veins... sigh
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The last thing we need is another site. The community is too fragmented as it is... this only leads to fragmenting it more. What we need is to learn to get along in one place... not keep dreaming up "new and better" places when we don't like the current one. This has been tried several times already.

The MKIII community is too big to host for free. Just my 2 c.

Can't wait for Spring!
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I appreciate you offering to build up a site for us. thank you. But i don't think i'd want to join it. There are already a lot of supra sites out there, we really don't need another one. If you really want to serve the community that badly, then set up a site for resource use. Host videos, publish pictures, advertise events and techie articles. thanks anyways

:) :) :)


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Like he said, it is scattered.

There is a forum for every state where someone owns a supra, and a forum for every store that sells supra parts...

Personally, I think SOGI's site is hard to navigate and use, information can be hard to find, and its not often updated...other supra forums just plain out suck. The people arent as knowledgeable, and there arent as many of them...7MPower is a great concept, but lacks information, and is also rarely updated.

My idea was to just have one place that would tie it all together, and yes, it would be free. And it would be managed in such a way that a group of people, not unlike the moderators here, could all update it. We could use an open source CMS and it would be really simple to maintain and update.

Links to all the other sites, yet a one stop place for how to fix stuff, how to mod stuff, things like that. I think its a good idea, and it could definitely work, but it wont if people dont participate.

I really dont care one way or the other.

On one hand, id love to do it, and see how it would come out...on the other, im perfectly happy here. No complaints. Its just that the idea has been on my mind for a while, figured id put it in the air while people were thinking about it.

There can never be too many sites.

The problem now is, there are so many sites that really arent worth a damn floating around. The only sites I look at are users personal supra pages dedicated to just their cars, and this one, sometimes SOGI...the rest of them ( I dont even know of TOO many) are either really weak community wise, or just really poor in general.

The community is scattered, but thats the idea...try to unify it a bit.

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SOGI's vision is to provide a portal for the Supra Community. This needs to be revised and continue it's growth to bring everyone together. I'm personally (not financially) motivated to push that growth. I was the SOGI webmaster 1995-2000, so I'd like to see it attain completeness. As observed, there are many community sites these days, it's not possible to absorb them all, that will not be the gameplan, but rather drive the portal concept.

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The thing about most sites that are free, is that someone pays for banners and stuff on their site...or a few "owners" pitch in to pay for hosting.

Like I said, it wouldnt be TOO expensive to run.

The banner up top here, thats their banner, and it probably brings them business, which pays for this site.

If it were someone elses banner, like other sites have, that would pay for the site, in part or in whole.
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