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ive asked this question on a few forums, and seems nobody in australia has a clue about it, so maybe if i widen the audience we might get a winner =)

i have a 98 dash in my supra, and those with a 98 dash will understand the big differences between the older dash's and ours.

indiglo apparently have replacement for 93-98, except it seems 98 to them is the same as the old style dashes where one tacho = temp / fuel (from memory)

whereas the 98 dash in mine, has

Speedo / Rpm Tacho / Small boost gauge up top, small temp gauge under neath it , small fuel guage to the right of that

does anyone know of any indiglo or other brand that makes such a kit for these dashs ????

or are they forgotton by the manufacturers out there :( *sob*

all help appreciated everyone, thanks guys
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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