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A couple weeks ago, i was stopped at a red and admiring a set of xenon lights pulling up on my left side. It's a brand new 2001 Q45. I think nothing of it... until he starts to REV! I look over to see a teenager with a chick (probably his girlfriend) in the passenger seat. He probably begged his pops for the keys to show off to his girl. Now he wants to race! WTF? On the green, he punched the Q45's 340hp V8 and off he went... i lifted my foot slowly from the clutch and easied the gas... can you blame me?

Now, just today... I see another set of xenon's passing me rather fast... this time i'm on the freeway at 11pm Sunday night (105 W, in the SoCal area). It's a brand new I30, still had the dealership plates. Ok, I had a long day... time to let some of my frustrations out. He gets caught up in some traffic and I pass him a couple lanes down. We break free from the crowd, we now have open highway. He aggresively swings over and gets right on my tail, all i could see in my rear view was xenon (and you know how bright thos things are). I hit the gas, he hangs with me at 85, I even thought he was pullin' on me... at 90 all i could think about the kid in the other Inifiniti... I hit 115 and the xenon lights were tiny specks in my rear view. I was thinking about going at it again, maybe side by side, but we were running outta freeway... i hang a right to the 605 S, he heads North.

What's with me and Infiniti's...

I'll caulk up another one for the NA.

have a great week, fellas!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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