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x X CLoud X x said:
which fuel rail would u guys recommend thinking of using 980-1000cc ? do hks rails fit 1000cc or larger injectors?

do brand name fuel rails matter? or finding some rails on Ebay = same thing?

there are only two sizes of top feed injectors

14mm input (which if I recall bosch, delco, rochester, rebadged accel, injectors for mustang, vettes etc are) and then there are 11mm inputs (ND, rebadged HKS, Blitz, etc are). Bosch will not drop into the ND designed rail since one is 11mm and the other is 14mm. The bosch or any other "bigger" injecotr (using the 14mm top) will have to be machined down.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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