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Hey guys,

My install starts on Tuesday for my new Supra, and I'm just fishing for ideas. Pictures, ideas, etc.... I'm taking out the back seats for this install, so I'll have more room to play with. I'll be doing quite a bit of plexi glass sandblasting. e.g. I'm putting a backlit system diagram molded into the rear hatch. If you can think of any other little fun things like that, please let me know. My system is this...

Alpine IVA-C800 TV/CD
Alpine 12 disc changer
Alpine DVA 5200 DVD
Alpine DVD Navigation
Xtant 3300x
Xtant 2140c
Dynaudio MKII 240 (7" and tweet seperates)
2 JL 10W6s

I decided to stick with the W6s over the W7s due to the huge mounting depth required by the W7s.

Ideas, pics, whatever is appericated. :)

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sweeet choice of equipment. you can't go wrong with the JL w6s. i have a pair of 8w6s and they sound awesome. are you going to fit the 7" mids in the door panel and rear? don't forget to take some pics too! :)
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