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I am trying to install some 5.25in Infinity Kappa speakers in the front doors.

The screw hole pattern on the stock is a triangular 3 hole shape whereas the new speakers have a square 4 hole pattern.

Also they simply just don't fit.

Has anyone on here done this install themself? Can anyone here give me some pointers on this installation?


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Well, this is definitely in the wrong section........ I moderate the car audio section of Supraforums and am fairly quick at responding to questions such as this..

Luckily I caught it...I'll lend a tad bit of advice.

The stock front speakers are 4" and a 3 hole pattern. You should be able to "redrill" and mount a decent aftermarket 4" in the stock speaker housing. A 5.25" speaker will not work unless you do some modifications to the stock housing. (ie. cut it!)

I sell a speaker mounting plate which bolts up to the stock mounting locations and will hold up to a 7" speaker. It removes the factory grill and truly fixes the stock front speaker "problem" in the MKIV. About $150 plus shipping. I could make the plates for your 5.25" speakers if you wish also.

Can you believe they put that HUGE grill on the door just to put a 4" speaker under it??

Hope that helps somewhat....

Thomas Kenyon
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San Antonio, Texas
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