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TOO broke MK3
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well i couldnt sleep today since i was out late on friday, so i decided to install my Turbo timer

anyways so heres where i intall it...

doesnt the speedo belong there lol..

i actually drill a hole and used 2 screw to put that in..i didnt want to us ethe double sided tape... seems stupid to me to use tape if ill be there for a while...

anywho so now im down to wiring...
i didnt get any harness since i baught this used... so after figuring out wich wire goes to were im stuck...

so far heres what i got...

from the relay theres 6 wires..
1. grey- parking brakes switch
2. black- ground
3. white-o2 sensor signal
4. red- 12v + constant

5. blue-IG2 Output
6. Green-IG1 Output...

now for the "help" that i need...

5 and 6 lost me... it seems that this hook up into the ignition thing... how or where do i hook up the 2...

also number 3 say to hook it up to the O2 signal... where can i tap the O2 signal?

and a question for those who knows or have knowledge about the apexi auto timer...

1. how accurate is their a/f ratio reading?

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the o2 signal goes to the ox wire on the harness. I cant remember which pin# it is but if search you can find the diagram here on the forum. That is what I did. You can also use the inst. that came with the tt.
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