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intake air temps (high boost)

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what are your guys' intake air temperature at the end of the finish line?

if you can post your mods (turbo, intercooler, boost, etc)


curious what the difference between Air to Air vs. Air to Water (if anyone of you have both experiences)
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I did a pull at 33 psi the other day on the highway 50-140mph and it was around 111 at idle and cruising and peaked at 127 on the top end. It ws 90 degrees also with assuming 60-70% humidity. I am running a 4" Intercooler from Extreme Turbo/ Horsepower Freaks. and the same mods below. I dont' know if this is good or bad but figure I would post and find out. I know Matt Miller had some discussions with this before to see if his 3 row was efficient but without the search button down it will be hard to find but maybe he will chime in.

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