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wut am i

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intake manifold

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hey mang ive been :rolleyes: searching :rolleyes: for an intake manifold like this one can anyone please tell me where i can find one
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That looks like the one SW runs. I believe it from a company called Bullish Racing.

That's all I know about it.

Later, Steve
Actually, Bullish does make one similar to that, but I believe that is one straight from Japan. I know there are about 3 companies, Veilside being one, that all make intakes similar to that one. I forget the other 2, sorry. You can check in HyperRev as I believe they have them listed.

looks just like the bullish unit! bullish is locatred in hackensack nj!
It's a Japanese Intake.

I looked at that picture closely and found the brake booster to be on the other side so I think the Intake is made by Technical Shop Infini located in Saitama, Japan. Also, I think Veilside has one mated to a 90 or 100mm throttle body!

Scott H.
I always thought that it was a Trust/Greddy intake???
Is that a Jspec car? The brake fluid resivoir is on the passenger side
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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