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Intake manifolds.Bullish,SP,PHR.

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I am about ready to purchase a aftermarket intake and
wanted to get some input about these three from anyone
with prior experience with them.
Like what rpm do these intakes work best in.

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ask phillysingle about the bullish one he has it in his car!
Check out the power page on Powerhouse's website,, for dyno comparisons.
Titan Motorsports has one as well. I will be testing in the next little bit and will provide a full review.
Whats up with rhat PHR stage2 comparison against the T78 dyno?
I have never seen such a shitty T78 dyno in my life! A T78 is not peaky like that at all, it makes good power from 4000 rpm on up. Actually a T78 dyno looks a lot like the PHR stage2 one. Where did they get that dyno graph from? :rolleyes:

from what most people have been saying that dyno sheet agaist that t78 is way off how true it is i dont know !
underdawgtt said:
Check out the power page on Powerhouse's website,, for dyno comparisons.
Have you considered having your intake extrude honed? I was at CTC Motorsports in Dallas last Sat. and saw a Supra engine on a stand with an extrude honed intake on it. One of the owners of the shop stated that the engine picked up 20 rwhp with that intake change. Didn't think to ask about how it affected low end response. I'm planning on going this route and spending some of the savings on having the intake polished. Similar performance gains compared to the 'street ported' intakes but costs less and IMO the polished stock intakes look sharp as well.


I've done Extrude on another EFI intake in the past. The passages came out SMOOTH as a baby's butt. Extrude will knock down any flash inside and work hardest against th eareas of greatest restriction. Down low I doubt you would notice any decrease in power, possibly an increase in torque. It's a very nice stealth mod IMO. Would love to see some dyno results back to back on a Supra...
BLKMGK, you may get your wish. I think Andi's car (boostaholic)will probably be the test mule for a extrude honed intake. Keep your eyes open for a post in the near future.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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