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Guys, I currently have a top speed intake and it's driving me nuts.

There is too much space between the piping, so the crappy paper thin rubber couplers that connect the pieces of piping together sags in under high boost. I could probably replace the couplers with some heavier duty stuff, but I would rather just get something better.

I'm trying to find an intake that will work with the stock twins and fit with the FMIC pipes.

So what are you guys running? If you have any pics, please post them up. This issue is driving me NUTS. If anyone has such an intake for sale, let me know as well. I need this issue fixed.


On a side note, I ran last night at the track and only got in 2 runs. [email protected] w/ 2.0 60' and [email protected] w/ 1.9 60'

When I checked the boost gauge it was only reading 16 psi to redline in 4th and I attribute that to that crappy intake because it really sags in cutting the airflow.

My 1/8 mile mph from last year has increased 2 mph in the 1/8th from 90 mph to 92 mph.

At then end of the track, however, I still trap EXACTLY the same. 115.9x so I'm getting kind of frustrated because i'm pretty damn sure it's that intake.

So any help is greatly appreciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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