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Couple of questions:

How big are the inlets and outlets on the stock SMIC?

With the exception of the throttle body pipe, what size is the piping on the HKS hardpipe kit? 2.5 or 3 inches?

How big is the inside diameter of the HKS throttlebody pipe as well?

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I have sitting in front of me pieces of 2 hks hardpipe kits.

there are two internal diameter measurements I can verify, 2.25" 2.5"
The stock intercooler ends are 2.5" ID

The former greddy 3-row piping (from multiple 3-row kits) I have sitting here is 3 different measurements of 2.5",2.75" on the hot side, 3" on the cold side for comparison. And the ends of the core are 3"
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