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where do you guys route your ic piping off your single to mate to a greddy 3 row. I have a greddy/bl manifold and I need to make a new lower piping for my turbo. Just want some pics for an idea.
Im concerned about the coolant hose and sway bars thats why im asking.
thanks ryan

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Spoolin Turbo said:
perfect, the willis hackjob is mint.
Thanks man:hsugh:. Actually, at the time I was in desparate need of 4 row piping and I couldn't locate anything so I utilized most 3 row piping (minus the 45 degree elbow) and just used the 90 degree bend I got from precision and it worked just fine with that 7 inch pipe I had made. The only changes that I will make are that I will have a replication of the 2 1/2 inch pipe made into a 3 inch. Thats all.
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