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interior bulbs: climate control and hazard button

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the climate control (temp) light and the hazard button light are not working on my car... are they regular lights (or LEDs?) that i can buy at autozone or should i just get them at the dealer? does anyone know how much they are? anyone else get the same problem?
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I just recently noticed some of my lights are out to.....any one know the bulb size?
not sur of the part# but any toyota dealer can match it up if you take the bulb to them there not led's they have regular filiment in them here is a pic of what they look like most come with a rubber boot over them (green or orange)
another pic
Need a little help?

Hazard bulb 84999-10320
A/C bulbs 84999-70009 X 5

Hope this helps

this from a previous post... hope it helps

just did it this past weekend, you've got a blown accessory light.. here's just pull everything back out.. get to the a/c control. dissamble it. there are 5 bulbs. one for the top row (auto, recycle..) 2 for the bottom row (a/c, defrost...) one for the temp, one for the speed of the a/c. you've probably want to change all of them once in there... they're probably old and will soon all go.. that's what happened to me, 1st the top row, then about a month later the one in the bottom row.. if you go to the dealership each bulb (and socket) will be around $8, which I thought was ridiculous.. went to the usual auto parts stores found nothing alike. then got creative. went to Radio Shack found the actual bulb itself (12V/25mapms) replaced the old bulbs, from the actual sockets have dash light on them again. hope this helps.. beats $50 bucks of bulbs from the dealership
thanks all

isn't it weird how all of the bulbs go out in a single row??? my top row went out and got me totally confused. i would think it's a design error in the electrical current.
what about the part # for the bulb in the temp control?
Im assuming there are the same bulbs for the Temp "dial" too eh?... my temperature selection dial does not light up and its hard to see what im doing @ night.. been lazy and have not attempted to fix them yet.
I just bought some cheap replacements from toyota and I didn't change out all the bulbs thankfully. The new replacements were $1.88 each or close to that price and they are really dim. I would probably pay the $8.00 if I could go back in time.
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