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Hi guys I have an 89 supra 7MGTE. I recently got the car in december and i've been running into intermittent problems of the car having a crank no start situation. Recently I was at a gas station and just as I approached the pump with my car it stalled.. then it wouldn't start just crank. ( This has happened to me multiple times in the past including just going to start the car for the first time.) So I checked for spark and I had spark. I jumped the b+ terminal and FP to see if i can hear my pump sending fuel and I can. I know I have air as well. The car has a weird crank to it whenever this happened. Lets say 1 Represents constant stead crank. And 2 represents a Dip in the cranking noise. It would be like this.. try to start the car and 1,1,1,1,1,1,2...1111111111111 etc. sometime it'd be like 1,1,1,1,2..1,1,1,2..1111111111111. I have no idea what it is, but when I removed the spark plug to show my friend theres spark when I crank, the car started up again so i just put the plug in and drove it home. When I ran into this issue, I had the car left at a gas station for about 2 hours before all this testing and it started up. Only mods are HKS MHG. ARP studs, BIC divorced DP. 3'' straight pipe, turbo timer and boost controller.
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