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Hey all,

Has anyone connected there ipod to there car sterio through the FM radio? What is the best product to use if ur sterio doesn't allow u to connect straight to the sterio.

Whats the best FM radio product to use?

And what experience have peop had with them?


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best and cheapest rf unit item i have used is the airplay (got mine on cheapbay for like $1o smakers shipped) u can use almost any radio station # that is free to play on you are not limited to what you can pick like others ..this works good i my car and home.

there is some on cheapbay starting at $2.00 with free shipping in the us thow $15 over seas

another member whom i belive works for apple told us about it here on the forums .

sadly it does not recharge the battery .

the other good item i use that can charge the ipod battery in my car and be an rf unit and also works like the airplay(but not as good in terms of stations you can get) is the DLO Transpod

i have also used the monster rf /charger and it sucked for me!

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Harmen Kardon DP1US is the best quality
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