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98 black tt
70K mi. mainly fwy.
mobil 1 synthetic only
random tech dp & cat
TRD exhaust
Greddy 3-row fmic
custom cf interior
cf trd style hood
trd sway bars
trd strut tower brace
steel braided brake lines
brembo rotors
hawk pads
$6,000 custom stereo system
stock hood and smic included

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actually my 97 stocker auto tt sold for $32K so i am already kinda low i think but i want it to sell soon. im actually asking $37,900 but i know as soon as people call they will try and get the $900 off

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I'm going to have to disagree. An auto with 70k miles will not sell for anywhere near $40k. I'd say you could expect low 30's.

But of course, this value goes up depending on the market...

It's almost Nov. so it's kinda low right now...for a RWD Targa.
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