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I am pretty sure my clutch is starting to slip, but was wondering if there is anything else I can do to confirm it. When I am in a high gear and I floor it, the rpms shoot up a little and then I take off. When I race someone though, my clutch grabs beautifully and doesn't slip in any gears. The car only has 70,000 miles and is not running BPU yet. It has exhaust and downpipe. Is it my clutch?

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If you hit the gas, the RPM's go up, and the car doesn't accelerate, then your clutch is slipping.

Give it a few hundred more miles before it's toast- especially if you're racing. My stock clutch is about to go and I have 83k on the odo.

Talk to Dusty about a replacement (stock or aftermarket). He has owned a lot of these clutches so his advice is kosher.


Also, don't think about resurfacing the flywheel. It has been done very few times successfully and if anything went wrong you might have to buy a completely new clutch. Do get a lightened flywheel because they can be resurfaced next time you need a clutch.

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